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About the Grantee/Policy Council

The program governance model provides effective 3-way communication between the governing body, parents, and staff. Program Design and Management responsibilities include Program Governance, Policy Council, Parent Committees, Management Systems and Procedures, Human Resource Management, Facilities, Materials and Equipment. The Program Director manages the overall implementation of the HS/EHS. The School Board of Broward County, FL is the Governing Body.

The HS/EHS Program provides shared governance with the School Board and Policy Council through which parents can participate in policy making or other decisions about the program. The Policy Council consists of sixteen members and six alternates. The membership includes twelve parents of children currently enrolled in HS, two parents of children currently enrolled in EHS, and two community representatives. Parents elected to Policy Council meet monthly and participate in shaping the Head Start program and policies by making decisions related to policymaking, funding allocation, and program management. Monthly enrollment, fiscal, meal, and content area reports are provided to The School Board of Broward County, Florida and Policy Council Members.

The Program Director works closely with the Policy Council and Governing Body to ensure the program remains in compliance. In addition, parent engagement is promoted through parent participation in school based Parent Committees which meet at least quarterly at the individual sites.

Grantee/Policy Council Members

2015 - 2016 Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council Officers

  • Chairperson – kImberly Rubenstein
  • Vice Chairperson – Grover Ortz
  • Secretary – Ivette Fernandez

Past Chairs

  • Antawn Stevens
  • Malina Markos
  • Shakema Glover
  • Latoya Almonord
  • Amanda Candelerio
  • Chantelle Durham

2015 – 2016 Elected Policy Council Members


(EHS-Early Head Start; *-Alternate; CR-Community Representative)

  • Alexandre, Jean
  • Bahr, Diane
  • Cherelus, Wisland
  • Cohen, Sharon (CR)
  • Diaz, Susana
  • Fernandez, Ivette
  • Harrison, Caitlin (CR)
  • Ortz, Grover
  • Rodriguez, Aketzali
  • Rubenstein, Kimberly
  • Williams, Kaydene

Grantee/Policy Council Agendas & Minutes for 2016-2017

  • Setember 2016 Training            Agenda
  • September 2016                         Agenda and Minutes
  • October 2016                              Agenda and Minutes
  • November 2016                          Agenda and Minutes
  • December 2016                          Agenda and Minutes - Quorum Not Met
  • January 2017                               Agenda and Minutes
  • February 2017                            Agenda and Minutes
  • March 2017                                 Agenda and Minutes
  • April 2017                                    Agenda and Minutes
  • May 2017                                     Agenda and Minutes
  • June 2017                                    Agenda and Minutes

Grantee/Policy Council Archives for 2015-2016

  • 15-16 Agendas
  • 15-16 Minutes

Grantee/Policy Council Archives for 2014-2015